PPE Reading Group: Spring 2018

This semester, the PPE Reading Group will discuss Jeremy Waldron’s (NYU) book The Harm in Hate Speech (books provided). The PPE Reading Group will meet every other week during the spring semester on Tuesday 5-7pm at 215 Major Williams Hall. Enjoy free pizza and soft drinks with our discussion!

Participation is open to any interested student (whether already a PPE student or interested in becoming one), and capped at 10 participants. Sign up by January 26th (to receive your book in time to read) with Gil Hersch (hersch@nullvt.edu). The first meeting will be on Tuesday, January 30th.

PPE Reading Group: Fall 2017

This semester, the PPE Program will offer a reading group for students and faculty on Jason Brennan’s Against Democracy (Princeton University Press, 2016). It is a great opportunity for everyone interested in discussing PPE-related topics. For more information, please contact Gil Hersch (hersch@nullvt.edu).